How to Participate in Nintendo's THE LEGEND OF ZELDA Event Promo

As part of their road to E3 events, Nintendo has decided to do what they’re calling, The Legend of Zelda Retweet Event. Given the reportedly falling revenue of Miitomo, Nintendo has devised this promo for the newest Zelda game as an exclusively Mittomo related event that consists of several Twitter-related steps:

1.     All Miitomo users will receive a "Link's new hair wig" and a "Link wig" for their Mii™ character to wear if we reach the target combined number of Retweets of Tweets that include the hashtag #Miitomo_Zelda_RT from Nintendo's official Twitter accounts.

The retweet period will be from June 9 until June 13 7:59 a.m. PT.

Targets and gifts -

•   More than 10,000 Retweets: "Link's new hair wig"!

•   More than 20,000 Retweets: "Link's new hair wig" and "green Link wig"!

(Miitomo users must launch the app and claim any The Legend of Zelda promo items from their gift box between June 15, 2016 and July 14, 2016.)

The Legend of Zelda Retweet event is worldwide so these goals will be met as an additive result from several continents. Also, all Retweets of Tweets posted by these official Nintendo Twitter accounts that include the hashtag #Miitomo_Zelda_RT will be counted toward the combined total:

•   NA: @NintendoAmerica

•   EU: @NintendoEurope

•   JP: @Miitomo_JP

- Important Information -

DO NOT include a comment in your Retweet, otherwise it will not be counted toward the combined total. 

Once users have managed to accomplish the goal, Nintendo will provide the following as steps to follow:

Part 2 - The Legend of Zelda x Miitomo Drop!

The Legend of Zelda-themed stages will be available for Miitomo Drop from 3:00 p.m. PT June 14, 2016 until 7:59 a.m. PT July 14, 2016!

Spruce up your Miitomo wardrobe with The Legend of Zelda-themed items and accessories!

- Part 3 - The Legend of Zelda x Miitomo Shop!

A special item will be available in the Miitomo Shop from 3:00 p.m. PT June 14, 2016 until 7:59 a.m. PT July 14, 2016!

You can redeem Miitomo coins for items in the Shop or for game tickets to play Miitomo Drop. You can collect coins by playing Miitomo. Miitomo coins are also available for purchase.

- Part 4 - The Legend of Zelda x My Nintendo!

You can redeem My Nintendo Platinum Points for an item based on the new The Legend of Zelda game for your Mii to wear in Miitomo between 3:00 p.m. PT June 14, 2016 and 11:59 p.m. PT July 13, 2016.

Honestly, I think this is what Nintendo desperately needed to revitalize Miitomo because after the initial curiosity related binge, which lasted for about three weeks, users haven't felt the compulsory need to check the app on a daily basis except maybe once every few weeks, which I'm sure applies to a lot of users. Regardless, it's cool to see Nintendo start to ramp up Zelda U action after the long wait.