PAGAN ONLINE is Live and I'm Having an ARPG Blast!

Not Your Grandaddy’s ARPG

PAGAN Online is live on Steam Early Access and I’m having an absolute blast with the game. Before you dive into Pagan Online, know that this isn’t your Grandaddy’s ARPG ie Diablo. For some reason, I among others thought this title was going to be a Diablo clone similar to Path of Exile or Grim Dawn but in fact, it’s a unique blend of genres and control style (WASD) that actually works quite well. There is a full voiced, quite catching main quest line but after you pick on of your main three classes, you participate on a ton of activities ranging from story missions to hunts to cool mini boss chunks called assassinations.

Once you unlock your 2nd Tier characters like Lukian, the action really heats up.

As you progress with your main class, (I chose the Blood Ritualist), you start to find shards that unlock second tier characters like Lukian that absolute rock. While it seems in the beginning that unlocking other characters will take forever, you start to see more and more shards drop along with gear loot and crafting materials Speaking of crafting, a surprisingly robust item creation system awaits. Even if all game systems aren’t in place yet, there is still a ton to do, story to unfold, baddies to crush and items to create.

Blood whippin’ goodness!

While Pagan Online is still in Early Access, color me impressed not only with the solid gameplay, voice acting, graphics and animation, there is just a coat of polish that is increasingly rare in Early Access games today. While I am still longing for the next Diablo killer, I am having an absolute blast with Pagan and respect the fact it is not a cookie cutter ARPG in any way shape or form and it’s not afraid to try something new and different. Check out the back now available on Steam and Wargaming platforms.