PANDEMIC EXPRESS Welcomes Players To Play Their Closed Alpha


Bringing out the next zombie game seems to be craze these days, but it’s not often that the core aspect of the game is player-verse-player. In tinyBuild’s latest game to launch in a soft Closed Alpha on Steam called Pandemic Express by indie developers TALLBOYS, they let players pick the role they want to play as: survivor or zombie. The reason it is considered a soft closed alpha is because the way to get a key is by joining their Discord and simply requesting one.

If you choose the play as a survivor, your only goal is to, well, survive. There is a single train that you will need to catch in order to get out alive and put some serious distance between you and the zombie players. There are multiple routes you can take, stealth options that are available, and really just play the game however you want. That being said, if you die you will become one of the zombie players as well and your goal will switch to be the same as theirs: kill everyone!

You can see the multiple options and routes available to players when playing Pandemic Express in their reveal trailer as it shows plenty of gameplay. From running across electric lines, riding in the back of a pick up truck, all the way to hiding out in the multiple houses, there is options out there for all play styles.

After checking out the trailer you can decide if you want to give this game a shot yourself and if so just follow the link to their discord I tagged above. If you do decide to play, the servers are only open for roughly two hours every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday starting at 12pm EST. Hope to see you out there!