PAPER BEAST Will Soon Bring Us A Wondrous World To Explore On PSVR

Taking the idea of exploring a new world of wonder where land and sky is full of never before seen animals and bring it into a virtual world for players to explore is Pixel Reef. Their game, Paper Beast, is a world created by Eric Chahi, the designer behind both Another World and From Dust, has quite an interesting explanation as well.

Somewhere inside Big Data, lost code and forgotten algorithms have birthed stunning environments and magnificent, digital creatures. Explore a vibrant world governed by an incredibly robust simulation driving everything from terrain to animal behavior. While some would say this sounds similar to No Man’s Sky, which recently announced their upcoming PSVR update, they are aiming to give players an immersive journey through a world and ecosystem unlike any other.

The trailer comes straight from the Playstation YouTube channel and only lists the Playstation 4 as a platform, so it looks like this VR experience will be exclusively on the PSVR. It is set to launch some time within 2019.

What do you think about a new game giving players the ability to explore a new world and ecosystem they’ve never experience before? Personally, I like the idea of getting to explore a new world without any added space travel aspects.