PARTY HARD: The Dark Comedy PC Game Comes to PS4 This Spring

We’ve all been in that situation when you have a job or exam that requires you have to get up early, and every second of sleep you can get the night before is a make or break type of deal. And then there's one major problem: that house or apartment next door has pulsing, Earth-shaking bass and/or a drunken screaming match lasting until 3AM. In Party Hard, you play as someone in a similar situation, except he goes way beyond the edge of sanity and unleashes fury on unsuspecting party goers.


With the reviews for the PC version generally giving the thumbs up, this kind of game may either strike you as horrific or hilarious depending on your taste in humor. We’ll have another chance to experience this 8-bit satire on the party scene soon on PS4. CEO of TinyBuild, Alex Nichiporchik has all the details explained in this Playstation Blog post

It will have a Spring release on PSN, but for now we have this announcement trailer: 

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