PATHOLOGIC 2 Launches Free Demo In Anticipation Of Full Launch In May


The narrative-driven survival thriller game Pathologic 2 from Ice-Pick Lodge has announced an official launch date on Steam. Just over a month ago they released their launch trailer, but in anticipation for the full release of their game, they have offered a free demo for anybody interested in trying out the game prior to launch.

Pathologic 2 will feature a twelve in-game day adventure where you will be forced to make choices in various situations that will seem to be a lose-lose scenario. The free demo will allow you to play through the first in-game day and sample how your choices and actions will fluctuate your representation. If you want to play the demo, simply sign up here to get your very own Steam key!

The game will be full released on May 23rd via Steam. Will you be visiting the town to fight the plague while trying to maintain a positive reputation?