Paw Print Games announces upcoming Co-op Brawler BLOODY ZOMBIES for PS4 and PS VR


Since Dying Light, Walking Dead and 7 Days to Die awoke the passion within me for brutally killing zombies, forever making me wonder if 'killing' is the correct term against something that is already dead, I've been looking for my next undead fix. Z Nation, the TV series, has been quietly keeping  my appetite at bay, but I've had a hankering to get my virtual fists bloody with some new undead villains.

As if in answer to my dark prayers, Paw Print Games have  just announced a new co-op brawler to be released later this year for the PS4 and PS VR. Calling it Bloody Zombies, it's reminiscent of Plants vs Zombies, except that we humans get to replace our fauna counterparts. In the words of Anthony White, the Co-Founder and Director of Paw Print Games:

In Bloody Zombies the city has fallen to the undead and all that remains are four lone survivors: Teller, Rei, Mick, and Eddie. These misfits must form an alliance to save the day and bash every brain that gets in their way.

What I am really curious about is the statement that this will be released on PS VR. I can only imagine that the angle might shift to first person and that you could actually battle these zombies head-on. While relatively little is being said on the matter at at this stage, White does go on to explain that there will be bosses to combat who will make every effort to tear you apart. There will also be multiplayer capability, meaning you can compete against your friends to the most zombie heads popped in a session.

While this may not exactly be the next Resident Evil of extreme horror and darkness, I am surprisingly eager to test this brawler when the time comes. Let's just hope the multiplayer experience does not turn out as bad as Garden Warfare did for most of us.