PERSONA 5 is Out And It's Crazy Awesome

Extremely PERSONAl

PERSONA 5 is out and man, is it a delicious morsel. While it definitely feels like a PERSONA game, it throws you into the action almost immediately. I recently picked up PERSONA 4 GOLDEN on Vita, which I highly recommend if you haven't played through, and while that is a fantastic slow burn, the latest entry in the series throws you into the fire extremely quick.

While we prep our final review, I wanted to reassure fans that the latest chapter in the strange but intriguing universe is absolutely fantastic and polished to a spit shine. For those that are curious or new to the series, there's no reason not to jump in, just prepared, this is not your average plot, gameplay, or style that you are used to. It's extremely Anime-esque. Dive in today if you have PS4 or PS3 (!) as the game is exclusive to those platforms.