PewDiePie And 40 Youtubers Paid By Warner Bros For Good Reviews

The FTC reached a settlement with Warner Bros in a case that saw them paying Youtube personalities for favorable reviews. The report found that Warner Bros paid PewDiePie as well as 40 other Youtubers for coverage of The Shadow of Mordor in which they were not allowed to make disparaging remarks about the game. The Verge reports the developer is now banned from promoting games through platforms without announcing they are, in fact, paid promotions.

While the statement may serve as a shock for some, the knowledge that some Youtube personalities have quietly taken money for promotion without openly stating it has been a hot button issue in the Youtube gaming scene for awhile. I know people love to hate him, but PewDiePie was one of the few Youtubers noted who actually stated in his description that his coverage was a paid promotion.

Let's hope the ruling ceases the further corruption of consumers in watching Youtube.