Phil Spencer Once Again Teases Keyboard And Mouse Support For The Xbox One

Phil Spencer is once again teasing Xbox fans with mouse and keyboard support. The Xbox boss responded to a fan on Twitter who asked if keyboard and mouse support would be available on Xbox One when Halo Wars 2 came out in February 21st...

If not anytime soon, my question is what's the point? We are nearing the full announcement of Project Scorpio, and Microsoft is already making many of its first-party titles "Play Anywhere" which means anyone with a PC can now do what Xbox One owners have wanted for so long. Seeing as it's something that's been teased since 2013, I have to assume if it could be done by now, it would be done. It's a shame really because I could see the RTS genre really enjoying a comeback on the platform if Microsoft were to enable support. Maybe if we start asking for it on Scorpio they'll make sure the hardware is capable of making it work. 

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