PIKMIN 3DS Announced For 2017

Yeah, I know this is like my 3rd 3DS news item of the day but Nintendo was one of the few who brought some new news to the table today! Not to mention A LOT of people have been clamoring for a 3DS Pikmin over the years. Now fans will finally get their wish, although this outing will be 2D. It'll be interesting to see how the game translates in switching dimensions. I'm trying to think of a game series that started 3D and went 2D and am coming up blank. 

It looks as though the puzzle solving aspect of Pikmin will be more prominently featured in this version. I would imagine it would be a bit more stressful during battles as Olimar really can't run away! I'm really interested in this title and can't wait to see more! See the full trailer below.