What's Old is New..?

We live in an amazing world. We can play games, both old and new, on our tablets, phones, and even watches. We have an entered a phase where retro is cool and the fact that emulation and arcade machines are re-surging, it's not going to stop any time soon. We've also been bombarded with dozens of remakes, re-releases, and remasters. Over the past few years, the quality has ranged from horrid cash ins to fantastic polishes on an already classic. I, personally, have loved what the folks at Beamdog have done with BALDUR'S GATE and now PLANESCAPE: TORMENT. 

I tried replaying TORMENT a few years back and while you could definitely get it to work, it was increasingly a bigger pain with each new version of Windows. Thanks Billy Gates. Now, with GOG, Steam, and Beamdog embracing these enhanced versions of older games, we get to enjoy 15+ year old games in 4K and widescreen resolutions.

PLANESCAPE: TORMENT: ENHANCED EDITION is absolutely fantastic as it's a polished tribute to the game that was already dark, witty, and a blast to play. You can pick it up on Steam today and whether a veteran or newcomer, see what it's all about. Trust me, if you love quality writing, dark humor, and deep RPG elements, you'll be hooked.

So, what's your take on the current trends of remakes and remasters? Too many? Too little? Or just right?