Platinum Games Looks To Be Teasing THE WONDERFUL 101 On The Switch

Platinum Games looks to be teasing a release of their cult classic The Wonderful 101 on The Switch. Take a look at this tweet from their Twitter and continue on below:

The statement translates to a "follow our wonderful crew," kind of post but the picture is what has everyone talking. If you'll look at the character on the far right he's playing a game with two joy-cons in the controller grip. As for the game, it's conveniently blurred out, but the color of the joycons plus the faint image of the dock in the background appear to be a Switch with the Famicom color scheme...which is pretty rad!

Is this a remaster, new game, a bundle package that'll probably only be available in Japan?! We'll be sure to let you know more as we learn it. Until then, check out this footage from the game if you never played it before!