Play As A Cute Fox In These Three Indie Games

Image Taken from  WTOP

Image Taken from WTOP

While it is usually about putting players in the position of someone else in a video game, whether it be to do magical acts, illegal things, or any other action that unfolds within the story, it is also interesting when players are given the chance to fill the role of another species. Stepping out of the normal boundaries that are set and having the main protagonist play as a human, or humanoid, we have started seeing more and more animal games coming out. One of the biggest and most anticipated of them being Away, which will let you play as a sugar glider as well as multiple other animals (including a fox), due to it being originally announced during PlayStation’s State of Play from about five months back.

Focusing on the sly and slick Fox as the animal for players to play as are these following three games:

The End

While trying to help out another fox, you must focus on your goal of escaping a cyberpunk city full of hostile robots in order to find the last humans on Earth. During this adventure you must protect your cub from various threats: irradiated rats, random behaving drones, and dangerous cyborgs. You will need to use your slick stealth skills and your cunning to solve puzzles while progressing through the dangerous streets.

The End by Mata is available now on Steam for only $3.99!


In an eco-conscious adventure, see how life would be in a world ravaged by mankind through the eyes of the last fox left on Earth. See the destructive effect of the human race, which corrupts day after day the most precious and needed resources of the natural environments. This 3D side-scroller will have you protecting your cubs while in search of the only place that is safe from the harm that humans cause.

Endling by Herobeat Studios will be available on Steam in the year 2021.

This Dead Winter

In this dark fantasy set in ancient woodland gripped by an enduring winter. you’re one of the few remaining animals left, a bright red fox. After your cub is mysteriously taken, you embark on a journey through the ruins of a lost civilization and into the heart of an otherworldly forest to get her back.

This Dead Winter will be available on Windows PC sometime in Q4 2020, given that their current Kickstarter is fully funded. They are already over halfway there and have some awesome stretch goals, including multiplayer and multi-platform.