Play as Matt the Radar Technician with BATTLEFRONT II Mod


Even with all of the controversy surrounding Star Wars Battlefront II’s rocky launch, there has been a loyal following in the mod community. Remember when Adam Driver (Kylo Ren) hosted Saturday Night Live in early 2016? There was an all-time memorable Star Wars sketch called Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base, where Kylo Ren appears on the hit show as Matt The Radar Technician. The sketch hilariously follows the day in the life of fellow Starkiller Base employees as Kylo tries to understand and relate more to his crew. You can watch the entire sketch down below.

Now it seems you will be able to replicate this moment of Star Wars history in Star Wars Battlefront II’s multiplayer. The mod hilariously depicts Matt The Radar Tech perfectly, with the exception of his glasses, slashing and cauterizing limbs across the galaxy. Well done Kylo, not so incognito anymore. Take a look at Matt in action below.

Even though Kylo wants nothing more than to let the past die, this seems like one blast from the past well worth revisiting again and again. This orange vested fool will bring the galaxy to its knees!

One mod that I would love to see is Mark Hamill’s Joker from Batman The Animated Series, I think it would be tough to pull off, but it would bring a smile to my face as equally iconic as the man himself, if the mod community were able to pull this one off. Joker with a green lightsaber? Come on people, make it happen. Do it! Now you know what we want to see next from the mod community but we want to know what you want to see. What skins or characters do you want to see playable in Star Wars Battlefront II? Let us know in the comments!