Play As Your Favorite Streamer In LAMO, An Online Competitive AR Action Game

The manufacturer maker of toys based on some of the hottest industry properties, Wicked Cool Toys, is launching a video game and AR experience that lets players take control of their favorite streamers. The game they have created to do this with is called LAMO and they are working with some of the leading pro gamers – Ninja, summit1g, LIRIK, TimTheTatman, and Dr. DisRespect. What they have done is create a line of collectible vinyl figures that will include a QR code for the player to scan and it unlocks the influencer as playable avatar with a specific attack, alternate skins, the character’s unique hover vehicle, and a custom mech skin.

The video game itself is a fast-paced eight-player arena brawler. It takes place in a theme park styled arena with destructible surroundings. Players will have to look out for both opposing players and Cataclysms, which split the earth and create deadly crevasses players need to avoid or launch over them on their vehicles. The game can be played in either team battle or free-for-all modes and will have multiple power-ups for players to use. The goal of the game is to collect Jelly, the game’s main resource, to level up, build automated towers, traps, and unlock your Mech.

Currently LAMO is only available on mobile for Android and iOS, but they are planning to bring it to PC soon. If you are interested in checking it out when the PC Alpha is released, you can sign up now to be among the first to play it. Currently the vinyl collectibles themselves are only available exclusively at Target, GameStop, and on the official LAMO website. They are currently working on bringing more popular streamers and fan-favorite pop culture icons to the list of collectibles and usable in-game characters.

To see it all in action, along with some glimpses of the actual LAMO gameplay, check out the trailer for this collectible series: