Play the HITMAN Story that Started it All - BETA Trailer

Agent 47 is undoubtedly one of gaming's biggest bad asses. So bad ass that not even Timothy Olyphant was cool enough to fill his shoes. But where did he come from? What started him down the path of becoming the ICA's most deadly assassin? Well in the BETA coming to PlayStation 4 on February 12th of next year, we'll get to find out.

I enjoy that the BETA for Hitman isn't just going to be one of the levels we will play in the game, like so many others have been before. No, we get a whole new story to try out. Io-Interactive and Square Enix are doing some really cool stuff with this game. Even the way they're releasing it in chunks so they can make each part as polished and amazing as possible, but only charging for each part instead of shipping an unfinished game at full price.

Hitman releases on March 11th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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