Play The Latest MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM Game For Free On PlayStation 4 Today!

There isn’t often a big game dropped out of the blue for free, that doesn’t contain some kind of battle royale mode, but when there is, it’s always worth checking out. Bandai Namco has just released the next game from the Gundam anime called Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2. This title was put on the PlayStation 4 store as a free title for all pilots to download and hop into their favorite Mobile Suits!

Whether it be on land or in space, players will fight for survival in intense 6v6 online team battles with players all around the world. Infantry battles add new aspects to the in-game combat by giving pilots the ability to take part in the fight alongside mechas, placing bombs in enemy bases, or requesting support fire to help decide the outcome of the battle. Not to mention that the top 10 Mobile Suits chosen by fans during the “Mobilize Your Vote” polling campaign will be made available free to download until October 31st. That gives you one full month to download this new free game and get 10 fan-favorite Mobile Suits along with it.

Sure, this game may have originally released on the Eastern hemisphere, but it is now officially available over here in the Western part of the world. This gives more players the chance to enjoy the action from a popular anime’s latest game while enlarging the already-present community around this game. Plus, even with all the Mobile Suits, stages, costumes, and events already available, they are planning to release more content to come following the game’s initial launch.

Are you ready to suit up and head into the battlegrounds?