PlayStation Classic Has Hit An All Time Low Price On Amazon

It is hard to believe that the PlayStation Classic is barely 2 months old starting next week. The nostalgia filled console was beset with problems before it even released and upon launch the system was practically DOA. Throughout the month of December the PlayStation Classic saw several price drops to attempt to boost sales with varying success. While first thought that these price drops would be a temporary thing the price of the PlayStation Classic has never returned to its original $100 dollar price. Now over on Amazon the PlayStation Classic has seen yet another price drop down to its lowest price yet $53.99. If you have been on the fence about picking up a PlayStation Classic this new low price is pretty decent for what you get out of the box with the console, 2 controller and 20 pre-loaded games with varying degrees of emulation quality. The better deal comes from doing a little DIY tinkering and replacing the stock emulator with better options that turn the PlayStation Classic into the machine it was meant to be in the first place.

Have you picked up a PlayStation Classic or are you waiting for an even bigger price drop? Let us know below.