PlayStation Classic Hits A New Low Price


This is honestly just getting sad to watch. The once highly anticipated PlayStation Classic has seen yet another price drop to $39.99 at Walmart. After a series of dumb mistakes with the included game library, emulation accuracy and region choices it is no surprise the console flopped as hard as it did. Within weeks of its original $100 launch the system had already begun to see huge price drops as retailers tried to clear out remaining stock.

This newest price drop looks like Walmart’s attempt to finish clearing out its remaining inventory of PlayStation Classics. If you have any desire to own one now would be a great time to try and grab one. If you don’t mind some DIY work with the mini console it can be modded to fix all of its issues including emulation and game library selection. You can also use other controllers with it instead of being stuck with just the digital only PS1 controller.

How do you feel about the PlayStation Classics poor retail performance? let us know below!