Playstation Launches VUE For Live Cable Streaming On Your PS4

I wouldn't call it cord cutting...but rather cutting out the middle man between your TV and Gaming. Playstation announced the launch of Vue today and for what you sounds pretty sweet! With multiple pricing options for live and on demand television, Vue settles a lot of my personal apprehension about cutting the cord.

For example their most basic package gives me every channel I have currently plus 4-5 at a rate LOWER than what I'm paying. Price has always been a big thing for me, but honestly what's kept me from jumping ship full force was my sports. As great as these services have been, there hasn't been a real option for those of us who enjoy our local sports teams! Boom...Core Slim has Fox Sports Midwest for my baseball and basketball! Guys I think I'm sold on this thing.

Check out their site to see if it's launched in your city. You can start a 7 day trial today if you have a PS4!