PlayStation Plus Prices Raising Next Month

September 22nd, prices are set to go up for PlayStation Plus members. Sony said in its recent blog that the following tiers of subscription would increase for all users...

  • Monthly plan will be unchanged in US... 11.99 CAD in Canada, and remain $9.99 USD in the U.S
  •  Three months $24.99 USD/$29.99 CAD
  • Year 59.99 USD/ $69.99 CAD

Sony did not explain why there was a price hike but did state that it's the first time the price has changed since the service launched in 2010. The news ultra sucks for me as I just subscribed! Where's my reparations for the last 6 years?!

In either case, make sure if you don't want to continue subscribing you do so by September 22nd.