Podcast: Kickstarter May Have Had a Huge Impact On TableTop Games

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The Polyhedron Collider Cast are at it again, discussing interesting topics on their site's podcast channel. They always have some interesting discussions, such as Episode 32's 'Wreck & Ruin, This War Of Mine And Reviewing Board Games', and Episode 29's 'Runewars Miniatures Game, This War Of Mine And Cave In.' 

On their latest Episode 32, they discussed something that got me thinking harder than I wanted to today. The topic is simply 'Kickstarter', but they go into a detailed discussion about the impact that Kickstarter has had on tabletop games, speaking about which campaigns got them supporting the production of boardgames and which campaigns they regret not having supported. 

*PLEASE NOTE: There is strong language and adult content in this audio*

It's not something I think about everyday. They actually got me looking on Kickstarter for Boardgame campaigns to see what is being offered. There's one called Teledrome: Televised Transdimensional Arena Combat that has already been funded 155% that looks pretty cool with some funky figurines. There is also Basira, which actually allows you to create your own tabletop games through their products. 

At about the 57th minute, there was another piece that got my utmost attention. They discuss where tabletop developers issue the entire Kickstarter campaign with expansions immediately, which casts the impression that once the campaign is successful and the products sent out, then no further development for the game is planned. My view on this, if I was with them to discuss them, is that perhaps the developers can present a business plan of expected DLC in the next year or two, should they reach profits to be able to develop them.

Unfortunately, many simply just cash in and walk away. They achieved their goal and move on. There's almost a lack of intellectual committment to further develop products and thereby interact with player expectations. Hell, be like Fantasy Flight Games and get your products registered for Regional Championships!

Just my thoughts. What did you think of the podcast and what are your feelings regarding Kickstarters impact on tabletop games? Share your thoughts with me in the comments.



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