Point, Click and Enjoy

A long long time ago, when I was just a young boy, I remember going over to my grandparents house and playing on my uncles computer. I got to play classic games like Spectre and Prince of Persia. During that time, I only played on consoles and knew nothing of PC gaming. Looking back now, there was always one game that stuck out, one game I never got to complete and one game that changed how I looked at games. That game was Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, a great point and click adventure.

Now this isn’t a love story of a game I barely knew, nor is it an excuse as to why I played only on consoles for so long. This is just the warm up as I explain to you, how much the nostalgia bone was tickled and how I felt almost childlike again staring at a colorful yet bleak looking future.


Set in a classic cyberpunk theme, Born Punk is shaping up to be a brilliant point and click adventure that is sure to please the whole way through and keep you smiling the whole way. This is not an official review, as the game is still in development, but an early look at what is to come. The team at Insertdisk22 are well on their way to delivering a brilliant and compelling story full of as much intrigue as there is humor. Marvel at the snazzy artwork delivered pixel by pixel and laugh along with each line that is delivered through the snarky character of Eevi. The protagonist is a former Battle Hacker (How cool is that? Who even gets to say that anymore!), who is just trying to make her way through the world, and of course cure one rager of a hangover. The story starts off with some humor and quickly makes you question just what is going on. As the game progresses, we see more and more of this well crafted world and story all shared through fun, creative characters and inspired artwork.

I am definitely waiting for this game to be completed, and will surely be following as may updates as I can to be one of the first to play through this exquisitely well crafted world. If you are looking for a great trip down memory lane or if you are looking for something that entertains on multiple levels, then be sure to follow along and check out Born Punk.

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