POKEMON Giving Away Original Legendary Birds With Special Abilities Via Email

Owners of Pokemon Omega Ruby/Sapphire or X/Y have a special opportunity to get all 3 original legendary bird Pokemon, with a special ability, for free! If you receive the Pokemon Trainer newsletter you already know this, and should be receiving your birds in due time. I'm guessing a majority of you aren't subscribed but don't worry you can make good on that by signing up now and still getting in on the action!

Here's what special ability each legendary comes packaged with. Mind you there are no other incarnations of these Pokemon exactly like these promotional ones!

  • Articuno: Snow Cloak-Appears to make Articuno dodge any attack following performing the move.
  • Zapdos: Static- Paralyzes target upon making contact with Zapdos.
  • Moltres: Flame body- Deals fire damage to Pokemon who attack via contact.

If you have the game get on it! This sounds like an awesome deal!