POKEMON GO Beats CANDY CRUSH To Become Biggest U.S. Mobile Game Of All Time

It was only a matter of time. In the past few days, Pokemon Go has been projected to have more users than Twitter, it's rapidly approaching Snapchat levels of use, and now has become the biggest mobile game of all time. SurveyMonkey says this means Pokemon Go has beaten Candy Crush, Draw Something, and even Clash Royale!

As of now, that's just true in terms of the United States as the game just today reached parts of Europe with worldwide service still not fully integrated. One would have to imagine, however, that the game will remain king in the countries that it launches in.

For the record, the game is getting so popular that it's approaching more users daily on Android than Google Maps. THE APP THAT TELLS YOU HOW TO GET TO PLACES IS BEING OVERTAKEN BY A GAME THAT SHOWS YOU HOW TO AIMLESSLY FIND POKEMON.

Currently, the game sits at slightly more than 20 million users which is a TON of people. What's crazy is that as huge of a success as the game is...the profits are not being taken up primarily by Nintendo. Niantic owns a bulk of the success with Nintendo only making a small profit off the millions of dollars the app is pulling in. I'm wondering if this means we will see a Pokemon Go 2 sooner than later as Nintendo looks to further line its pockets. Only time will tell.