POKEMON GO Beta Registration Is Now Open for US Residents!

Pokémon GO is Nintendo’s real world game that will launch for iOS and Android devices and will officially be launching later this year. Check out their promotional video and get stoked!

That last scene at Times Square seems to imply that there will be special event Pokémon distributed at specific locations at specific times, and if it turns out to be anything like that trailer showed, it’s going to be wild! For those of you looking for reasons to travel, the time is NOW!


  • Reside in the US, Australia, or New Zealand.
  • iOS and Android devices only.
  • Android v. 4.3 and above required. No support for Intel Atom-based devices.
  • iOS users will need an iPhone 5 or higher with iOS 8 or above.

Register here for a chance to participate in the field test!