POKEMON GO Introduces The Buddy System

Pokémon GO players will be glad to hear that at some near but yet unspecified time they can expect a dab of fresh content, which with the dwindling numbers of active daily users cannot come a day too soon. According to the latest post on Niantic's Facebook page the next update will allow you to assign a Pokémon as a Buddy and having this friend comes with benefits. 

Once a Pokémon Buddy is assigned it will appear next to a trainer's avatar on the profile screen. Trainers will then be able to receive candy for their Buddy Pokémon after walking for a certain distance, which will be great for evolving those hard to find Pokémon or to power up your favorite ones. Best part is, you can reassign a buddy whenever you want so you can work on strengthening your whole team. 

Now all we need to see is talk about the PokéTracker getting fixed and the game will be back on the right track. Maybe.



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