POKEMON GO Team Announces Team Leaders And Other New Features At SDCC

AndroidiOSby Mick Joest

From it's panel at San Diego Comic-Con it's clear that Niantic has big plans for Pokemon Go. Fans will be glad to know their biggest plan is to keep the servers from crashing at least once a day. That's a good thing because the new stuff they've announced sounds amazing! VG247 reports the following features for the game are on the way...

  • Training Pokemon and battling other trainers
  • Trading
  • Breeding? (maybe but they were iffy on it)
  • More Pokemon
  • Functional Pokestops

We also learned the identities of each teams leaders. Candela runs team Valor, Blanche is Mystic, and Spark is Instinct. These new trainers will offer you in game advice and what not on your journey. I can't imagine they'll say anything too helpful, but more power to them if they do.

Honestly my biggest excitement is the ability to make functional pokestops. I would love to do something more than swipe a Pokestop and maybe heal my pokemon for free, or get items at a discount. All of these would better immerse me in the world of Pokemon for sure! What are you most excited to see added to Pokemon Go?