POKEMON GO Tracking Websites Shut Down After Update

Pokevision and several other "Poketrackers" shut down yesterday after the latest update from Pokemon Go. The websites were typically used by players to find the specific spawn zones of Pokemon and catch them. Kotaku writes that it appears that most of the major sites were sent cease and desist letters telling them not to continue offering their services to players.

The real issue was that this game fixed a glitch in the game that would never reveal a true distance as to how far away a Pokemon really was. Now that Niantic has supposedly fixed that, they are putting all these sites that went out of their way to fix the glitch on notice.

I'm not quite sure how I feel about the whole thing. I don't see any problem with people who want to catch a specific Pokemon using an interactive map to attempt and catch another Pokemon. Part of me wonders if Niantic did it because they're afraid people will get all the Pokemon faster and lose interest in the game. 

What's your opinion on the whole thing? Do you think Poketrackers are cheating or okay?