POKEMON GO Will Have Local Gym Locations Where People Can Battle

Pokemon GO! Updated today with several new details on the much anticipated mobile game! Turns out that footage we saw last week was legit by the way as it looks identical to the screens we're seeing today, so visually this is what we can expect...

As far as features we learned a lot today!

  • Push notifications will notify you when you are near a Pokemon you can catch.
  • Historical landmarks, points of interest, and art installations will house prizes such as more Pokeballs and other items. You can even find eggs that will hatch into Pokemon after so many steps!
  • You'll gain levels the more Pokemon you catch, which will unlock more powerful Pokemon to find around town.
  • Doesn't look like you're going to be able to battle wild Pokemon to catch them.
  • Some Pokemon will only be location based (example: water Pokemon only near rivers or oceans)
  • There will be 3 teams. Each team will control local gyms and trainers can assign specific Pokemon in their roster to help defend the gym's title!

So far this all sounds amazing! Can't wait until we can actually play it!