Pokemon Is Rolling Out An App That Replaces Alexa And Google Home With Pikachu


The days of replacing your useful AI home assistant for memes are finally upon us. The Pokemon Company announced today they'll be releasing a "Pikachu Talk" app, which is designed to replace your Alexa or Google Home AI with the voice of the Pokemon Pikachu. This means if you download the app and ask "Pikachu, what were the NBA scores last night," you'll be met with...

"Pika Pikachu Pika pi pika chu. Pika chu chu Pika pi Pika Pi."

It's the kind of hilariously useless app you'd expect Japan to roll out, but I'm tempted to purchase an Amazon Echo just to try it out. Either that, or download it on a friend's device and drive them crazy when they realize what has been done.

Seriously though, we have no idea whether or not this app will be useful or not, but all signs so far point to no. That said, would you download it anyway? 

Source: The Verge