POKEMON SUN And MOON Just Became The Fastest Selling Nintendo Game Of All Time In America

Pokemon Sun and Moon has become the fastest selling Nintendo game of all time in the United States. Nintendo jumped on Twitter yesterday afternoon to share the announcement with the world...

Business Wire adds that since launch less than two weeks ago, Nintendo has already sold 3.7 million copies of the games. This brings the total lifetime sales of Pokemon games up to 280 million, and solidifies Sun and Moon as THE games of the holiday season. 

For those who haven't gotten the game yet, I've read nothing but rave reviews about the new game! In addition to new Pokemon, players seem to appreciate the latest mechanic of special Z-Moves, and changing the types of certain Generation 1 Pokemon. I haven't had a chance to play it yet, but I'm desperately hoping the rumors of the game appearing on Nintendo Switch are true