POKEMON Trading Card Game Releases Classic Cards With Updated Stats For Modern Play

The last time I played Pokemon TCG I was still in grade school. I would imagine many of you who are reading this played around the same time. In case you were wondering, the game is still around and has a thriving community. The game has changed a bit since you last jumped in, but the makers are hoping to pull you back by revamping the original base set of cards to make them viable for competitive play once again. 

It's the same cards you had as a kid, but with upgraded stats so they aren't instantly wiped out by some of the newer cards/Pokemon that have been released in recent years. In addition to the upgraded stats, trainer cards have been made "less broken" and other various fixes have made these games much better than they were in the infancy of this successful franchise. 

Take a look at all the changes in the trailer below and run out and buy a pack today.