Polymega Unveils Its TurboGrafx-16/PC-Engine Pack In Titles!

We are just a little over a month out from the expected ship date of the Polymega console (Depending on Intel chip supply). The modular retro console will allow thousands of games to be easily played on modern displays through the use of high-end emulation. through the use of the systems modules input lag will also be virtually non existent. Each of the modules that will be available at launch will also include a number of titles pre-loaded to help gamers begin building their digital libraries. Today we are finally getting to learn which games will be included digitally with the purchase of every TurboGrafx-16/PC-Engine module! These games are as follows.

Moto Roader モトローダー (NA + JP Versions)

Moto Roader II モトローダーII (JP Version)

Double Dungeons ダブルダンジョン (NA + JP Versions)

Shockman 改造町人シュビビンマン2 新たなる敵 (NA + JP Versions)

Dragon Egg どらごんEGG! (JP Version)

We’re huge fans of the TurboGrafx-16/PCE. It’s exciting to share with players a great new way to explore this wonderfully underrated system through five great classic digital pack-in games as part of our partnership with Japan-based extreme Co.,LTD and the Masaya Games brand.
— Bryan Bernal (Co-Founder & CEO, Playmaji, Inc.)

I have always wanted to jump into the world of TG-16/PCE and with the Polymega this finally seems like a feasible goal! This add-on for the base Polymega allows for the playing of all HuCard based TG-16/PCE games and is dubbed the EM04 “Turbo” Element Module Set. Also included with the module is a custom built 6-button controller that felt amazing when I got to go hands on with it at E3! If you would rather use your own controllers instead that option is also there! As many of you who frequent our site know, I have been a huge fan of this project since its inception and have followed it throughout the years. The though of easy to use high-end emulators combined with an awesome looking front-end that requires virtually no setup has always been a dream of mine. The Polymega will also likely see additional modules made for it after launch to further expand upon its number of included systems.

Pre-orders for the Polymega are still available so grab one today!