UPDATE: Popular Gaming YouTuber PEWDIEPIE Deleting His YouTube Today

UPDATE: PewDiePie just uploaded a video essentially saying "just kidding" and is not going to delete his channel after all. Jimmies will be rustled.


After an impassioned rant video on the current state of YouTube, Pewdiepie will delete his YouTube channel at 12 p.m. EST. Felix Kjellberg, who has been YouTube's most subscribed channel holder for a few years, says the move is in response to the current state of YouTube and their policies. Kjellberg, and many other high profile YouTubers, have been upset at the current algorithm that YouTube has implemented that instead of telling users when their favorite channel posts a video, tries to instead direct them to videos that promote their interests. This has caused a lot of lost views from people far less fortunate than Kjellberg, who netted around $7.4 million in revenue according to financial documents released in 2014. 

Some have criticized PewDiePie saying the move is self-promoting as he says he will start a new channel soon after deleting his 50,000,000 subscriber account, but I don't think that is what it's about. I think he realizes that as the sites most prolific YouTuber, it's on him to raise awareness and send a message to YouTube that the community is not happy with their decision making and are messing with the livelihoods of people who have dedicated their lives to making content for the site. Once the account is deleted it will be very interesting to see how the situation develops from there. Kjellberg has netted enough money that he'll never have to work another day in his life if he doesn't want to, so I'm sure he's not that worried if he doesn't get his subscribers back.