Prepare Your Squad To Take On PREDATOR In This Upcoming Multiplayer Shooter


Announced during PlayStation’s State of Play stream is a multiplayer title that many didn’t know they wanted until now. Predator: Hunting Grounds by Illfonic is going to pin a squad of four elite fireteam packed with state-of-the-art conventional firepower against a single Predator and all their stealthy, acrobatic killing machine bristling with exotic alien technology.

There are a few killer verse survivor type games out there and many games branching off of that genre, but this will be the first time an iconic enemy will be pinned against a squad baring some firepower while giving players full control. With the Illfonic motto being “Gameplay over everything,” we can expect to have quite an excellent game to properly feature this kind of experience.

The only news we have regarding a launch date is that it will be out some time in the next year, 2020, and that it will be on PlayStation. We are sure to get more news as the date gets closer. If you want to read more about the Predator announcement, check out the PlayStation Blog.