PREY Gets A Heart Pounding New Trailer And May Release Date

Prey will invade your gaming platform May 5th, and it's looking even better than it did the last time we saw it! Those who were big fans of Doom last year, it looks like you'll see more of the great singleplayer gameplay in this game. Here's the latest description for the upcoming FPS...

An alien-infested space station. Badass weapons and powers. And… Yu. Fight your way through the deadly Typhon aliens as Morgan Yu while unraveling the mysteries behind the infestation – and your own identity – 

One thing that's new from previous footage is the slight puzzle solving aspect where you have that foam gun and are using it to extinguish flames and climb up walls. Even if it's a small element it's a welcome change to have something to break up the constant spraying of bullets and getting spooked by sentient black slime!

Check out the new footage below and get pumped because this game is only a few months away!