Pro Gamer ZeRo Gives Tier List Of His Favorite SUPER SMASH BROS Characters

Smash legend ZeRo just released a video of his personal ranking of each character from greatest to least, and whether you agree with him or not, you have to respect his opinion. It's hard to defend your case against a guy with 55 consecutive tournament wins since Super Smash Bros release in 2014. You can hear his thoughts on each character in his video below, but if you're looking for the top 5...

  1. Sheik (no surprise there)
  2. Bayonetta
  3. Zero Suit Samus
  4. Rosalina
  5. Cloud

Lot of DLC in that top 5 list...which for those who haven't been following the scene has been a hot topic of controversy. What do you think of his picks?