Pro STARCRAFT 2 Gamers Life And Bbyong Arrested And Charged With Match Fixing

After about a year of investigation, South Korean authorities have arrested two top-ranked Starcraft 2 players for "match-fixing". 8 individuals were arrested today, among them legendary player Life and fellow progamer Bbyong. The police report lays out their crimes, and is presented via Team Liquid...

  • One top-class StarCraft 2 PROGAMER, a GSL champion and WCS runner-up in 2015, is charged with receiving 70,000,000 won (approximately $62,000 USD) to manipulate two matches. Four BROKERS are charged with using personal relationships to solicit match-fixing. Two FINANCIAL BACKERS are charged with providing cash in compensation for match-fixing. One individual responsible for the placing of bets is also charged. These eight individuals have been indicted and arrested.
  • One StarCraft 2 PROGAMER is charged with receiving 30,000,000 won to manipulate one match, and later turned himself in to the authorities. One FINANCIAL BACKER is charged with providing compensation for the match-fixing; he has already been arrested in a previous case. One additional financial backer is currently at large.

The report goes on to report that Life was proven to have received money for throwing two KeSPA Cup matches against Terminator and Dream in May of 2015. Below is one of Life's greatest matches...

Bbyong was charged with throwing his GSL match from January against DRGLing. The match in question can be found below.

While sad to see one of it's greatest players fall, it's good that South Korea is taking this issue so seriously. Ultimately this will only further legitimize the world of esports.