You there! Intern! Bradys’ insides have become outsides and YOU are next in line to assist me in my research! It’s a fine day for you lad, now be a good boy and clean up his entrails for me and then meet me in section 24c. 

Now the story doesn’t go exactly like that for you, Professor Lupo's intern. But I like to think that is how it started when you first got assigned to the job. In a horrible twist of events, a seemingly innocent product review of some of the galaxies most interesting and deadly creatures is interrupted by a barrage of missiles. 

Soon you find yourself running for your life as you navigate puzzle after puzzle narrowly escaping the maws of varied and imaginative critters. I found myself scratching my head trying to figure out just where to turn to make my way safely to the next airlock, all while trying to collect the levels collectibles and NOT become kibble for the aliens roaming the corridors. I laughed out loud many times as I yelled at the screen urging the Intern to move faster only to be ripped apart in comical fashion. 

This is not a scary game despite danger rolling and bouncing about. This is a puzzler through and through. Playing the demo which can be found on Steam, I was greeted by some great voice acting by the human characters and a Portal-esque Ai complete with its own snark and dry humor. Overall, I found the demo to be a great mix of humor and fun story-telling. Levels include various new challenges that build upon each other with additional difficulty modifiers. If I could only figure out how not to die so often, I might think about trying the levels on hard. Releasing later this month, don’t hesitate on picking up this gem if you are in the mood to laugh at your mistakes and need to scratch that puzzle itch.

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