Prominent Custom GameCube Controller Manufacturer Passes Away


On December 2, Jason “Zadmo” Todd, founder and chief executive officer of popular GameCube controller modification service MultiShine Designs, passed away unexpectedly after suffering from a brain aneurysm. He was 25 years old.

Founded in 2015 as MultiShine Controllers, MultiShine Designs is one of the most well-known GameCube controller modification companies within the competitive Super Smash bros. Scene. The company’s website advertises a suite of services including LED modifications, replacement shells and parts, and performance-based modifications such as snapback reduction and shield drop notches. The company produces custom controllers and modifies controllers that users send in. Additionally, MultiShine services have long been a common site at midwestern major tournaments; the company is based on Dayton, Ohio.

Scott’s older sister Christina Pullen created a GoFundMe in order to gather funds for his funeral.

“He gave so much of his time and energy to building and promoting his business,” remembered Pullen. About the circumstances of his death, she wrote that her family is “reaching out to ask for financial help to lay [Scott] to rest as [his death] was so unexpected.” At the time of publication, the fundraiser was up to $245 of its $6,000 goal.

I purchased my first custom controller from MultiShine in 2015 and it’s served me well ever since. If your Smash career has been touched by MultiShine’s work, I encourage you to donate what you can to his family’s fundraiser.