PS Plus July 2019 Game Line-Up Gets A Surprise Shakeup


We are three days out from when the latest additions to the PlayStation Plus line-up are supposed to drop. Originally Horizon Chase Turbo was to be joined by Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. For whatever reason (seriously none has been given as of this writing) Pro Evolution Soccer is off the table and is getting a last minute substitute in the form of Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human. The version of Detroit on offer is the deluxe edition though which means it also happens to come with a copy of the 2010 PS3 classic Heavy Rain, which was remastered for PS4 back in 2015. Both titles are heavily narrative focused with QTE providing most of the interaction with the environment.

This is honestly an odd last minute substitution that doesn’t really happen. regardless, I know that I am more personally interested in the free copy of Detroit and Heavy Rain that Pro Evolution Soccer. I know that I am probably in the minority in this thought but that’s ok! PC versions of Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human have all recently been announced with Heavy Rain now available on the Epic Games Store.

What do you all think of this last minute game swap? Let us know below!