Another great PS Plus title has brought and delivered to users PS4 libraries! The RPG known as Child of Light is now officially available to download for free this month! In light of the new title, I wanted to present some thoughts on the RPG that plays like a puzzle/adventure game.


Aurora is a young girl that finds herself in a strange land after dying in her sleep. Unsure of where she is, she begins to explore to quickly find that the land is full of dangerous enemies, strange puzzles, and a small civilization!

Her goal simply to find out how to get back to the real world, if that's even possible, takes her through challenging areas where she meets fellow wanderers and characters that soon become partners with her on this quest and join the battle against the sinister truth behind the strange land!


Traveling through the land brings the game style to an adventure aspect as you find clues, characters, quests, companions, enemies, traps, and so much more as you make your way through the land. You will end up finding caves, towns, and strange places that all have their own challenges and secrets.

The classic form of travel is to run everywhere, but this time you will also get the option to fly! This will actually be a very essential tool to a lot of the platforming-ish parts of the game, as well as, puzzle solving.

Puzzles can range in difficulty, but they typically surround light or an association of light, such as shadows. When you feel lost, but know you are in the right place, you may be overlooking something in the scenery that will hint how to progress to the next part of the game.

The fighting gets pretty intense and they use the classic RPG turn-based combat system. This is where you will need to apply the balance of attack, defense, healing, and item used in order to make it all the way through the game. But don't just go through supplies, boss battles are harder than the regular ones!

Enemies can have a party up to three while you only get to fight with one of your companions. So this means for boss fights, they get two minions to aid their attack! This can be tricky, but I'll go ahead and tell you now that I suggest you always focus on taking out the minions and healing, that is if the minions aren't replaced!


The simplistic art style choice for the game is a good mix with the detailed background and scenery. It's a great mix to show the detail of the land you are in without taking away the players attention.

Even the battle scenes are set up according to what part of the game you are in. The animations shown in the battle scenes show a strong inspiration to the classic RPG style combat as well.


The music blends well with the game thanks to the soft, sometimes serene, music that would play as you venture around the land, town music to mark when you are in a safe zone, and the more energetic battle music to pump you up did the fight. Not to mention the sound effects that really bring the game to life through both scenery and player actions.


There is a harder difficulty, which you can play through keeping your stats from a previous playthrough and impossible otherwise, but it is the same game still. There is also one set of collectibles that can be found throughout the land for completionists.

What Could Be Better

I would of enjoyed more of a reason to come back. Another mode, like survival, boss rush, or endless, would of been a fun way to keep the combat going. Otherwise, great game!

Final Verdict

Great game that is an excellent choice to be given out for free! While I originally played this on my PS Vita, and beating it twice including the hardest difficulty, I'm looking forward to adding this to my PS4 library!

"Fun game that blends all the best RPG elements into a great adventure title!"