PS3 Emulation Is Almost Upon Us, Will We See UNCHARTED On The PC Soon?

RPCS3, a team of emulator designers has made tremendous progress on bringing your favorite PS3 games to the PC. Although the program is now a step closer to letting players emulate PS3 games on the PC, it still has some minor issues but still makes the games close to “playable” in a way. 

If you’re into technical details, you can check out a detailed report here. However, for those of us who just care about what games we can play, Uncharted is now bootable and almost playable in the emulator. Other games such as Ratchet & Clank, God of War, Little Big Planet, and Grand Turismo has made incredible progress as well. 

You still won’t be able to play the games for the time being and don’t expect that the games will run smoothly and without issues as they do in their native consoles. Some big games with tremendous content are still facing bugs, they were able to boot to the title screen and then crash afterwards. 

This huge progress the team has made signals the inevitable. It is only a matter of time when we are able to play these console exclusive games to the PC. The RPCS3 is yet to give us details as to what specs is required to play these games on the PC, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on that. 

For now, check out this video report above detailing the various improvements and fixes they have made over the year, which would show how close they are on accomplishing their goal. You can also check their website where they show a game-by-game breakdown of what they have so far.