PS3 Production Ends, But Gamers Shouldn't Be Sad. Here's Why!

It is always a sad experience to see something that you came to love and spent countless hours on, having fun and making friends, come to the end of its days, but there is also reasons to rejoice. I myself have put a lot of time in to my PlayStation 3, just as I did the PlayStation 1 and 2.

Although Sony has decided to stop any further production of the third generation console, this is not a time for grief. There are still plenty of great aspects to still owning the console which makes it far from the generations lack of necessity and more just a step toward the next big thing for gaming.


While not every game comes with a PS3 version, well most games these days honestly, it is still the library that holds the beginning to many great series that have continued over on the PS4. There are also great solo published games, such as Heavy Rain and Journey, and short series that are highly worth replay value, like Bioshock and Portal.

Aside from new releases, there are still two free games given to PS3 players that have PS Plus; of course, PS4 players with PS Plus counts as well to get these free monthly library builders. 


There are still plenty of games with active servers and a community of players that still are playing various games, some that aren't even available on the PS4; Splinter Cell for example.

It took YEARS before the last server for the PS2 was shut down and I can't imagine it taking any less time for the PS3 servers to be shut down. In fact, I would bet that the servers will remain up, for popular games, until long after the PS5 comes out (if?).

A Step In The Right Direction

Without the stepping stones that have taken Sony from the PlayStation to the current generation model have been what has brought console gaming to what it is today, which the same could be said for Microsoft. It is thanks to these generational steps that we continue to improve gaming technology and standards.

Although the PS3 is official, the future development of Sony gaming consoles and devices looks to have a promising future ahead of them!