PS4 Has Now Shipped 100 Million Units Can It Beat The Legendary PS2?!


The PS4 has hit an impressive milestone and shipped 100 million units! Not only has the PS4 managed to accomplish this impressive goal, it would appear it has done it faster than any other console in history according to a chart by Daniel Ahmad. At this rate it looks more than likely that the PS4 will be easily able to surpass the lifetime sales of the legendary PS2. All in all a very impressive stat for the PS4!

another notable number to pay attention to is that Switch sales are proceeding along a similar trajectory! Since luanch the Switch has been a hot seller and has shown no signs of slowing down. Sales will probably even see a nice spike when the Switch Lite releases later this year. I think the biggest take away from all these impressive numbers is that the industry is healthier than ever!

What are your favorite PS4 games?