PS4 System Update Beta Features 3D Blu Ray Support And External HDD

With the latest beta for PS4 system software comes a lot of changes that many will appreciate when they're available. PlayStation Blog tells us that, finally, external HDD support will be recognized and usable! Yup, you can finally plug in a USB or external hard drive and use that for storage as opposed to just upgrading your PS4 memory. In addition to further simplifying the quick menu options from the last update and giving the ability for custom wallpapers on the dashboard, Sony also dropped that they were making 3D Blu-Rays compatible with the system!

Of course, that won't mean a whole lot to those of you who don't have a 3D television, but if you do, you now just eliminated another piece of the puzzle to making it happen! The average 3D television still sits around a minimum $1,500 buy-in, however, so unless you happen to have one in your house the update won't be immediately useful to you. It's also worth mentioning that your average 3D Blu-Ray player (which also plays regular Blu-Ray) only runs at about $60. 

So while it's neat that they added a cool feature to the system, unless you got a fat tax return check coming your way, or already have a 3D television I don't see too many people taking advantage of it. I do applaud Sony for finally allowing people to add external HDD though and the quick options did need some further improvement. What's your opinion on the updates featured in the beta?