PS5 Won't Launch Until The Middle Of 2020 Earliest


In it’s recent earnings report Sony has claimed that now confirmed and partially speced PS5 won’t see release by the end of 2019 or early 2020 as some previous rumors have claimed. In fact Sony specifically said that the PS5 wouldn’t be set to launch for at least another 12 months minimum! May 2020 is now the earliest possible launch time for Sony’s next gen offering. Honestly launching in May really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me personally, but with the right marketing is there really ever a bad time to launch a new system? History has shown that console launches set during the holiday build up have typically had better performance than early year releases. That is until the Switch turned everything on its head with its amazing launch!

Sony also used this opportunity to share that the PS4 has surpassed the 96 million shipped mark with 17.8 million more PS4’s shipped this past year. The PS4 is expected to hit the 112 million shipment mark by this time next year making the PS4 within spitting distance to become the best selling console of all time. Now while this is great news for both Sony and the PS4, I naively hold on to the hope that the PS2 would remain top dog for all time!

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