PSA: 343 Is Planning On Porting Your 360 Halo Games File Shares To MCC!


Well this is an unexpected surprise, it looks like 343 is planning to port users old Halo file shares into Halo: The Master Chief Collection! If you ever spent time making a custom map or gametype you can rejoice in knowing that those files will soon be brought forward to stay with you. The full details of the process can be found in this community post. Basically for those of you who might want a quick rundown, if there are any maps of gametypes you want transferred to MCC have them placed in your file share on the Xbox 360 versions of Halo 3, Reach and Halo 4. Then on August 12, 343 will move your gametypes followed by maps on August 26. Sadly screenshots and videos are not going to be transferable to MCC, so use those limited slots to make sure you get all your maps moved! This will be a one time thing so make sure you get it done now or forever lose your original pieces.

Halo: Reach is planned to be released in MCC sometime this year for both Xbox One and PC.